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    Why are Web-based PDF reports set to A4 size, & why HTML reports become MHT files?


      I hope I'm wrong but it looks to me when I schedule Web-based reports to be sent out via email as PDF attachments, the PDF paper size is hard coded to A4 size (8.26 x 11.69 inches).  I've found no settings to change this.  I know about the report width settings in pixels, but that does not help when someone want to print out the resulting PDF file on Letter-sized paper! 


      I've even found comments in your ExportToPdf.js file that says "A4":

              //Check is page is less than Winnovative A4 portrait vitrual device width (793x1122)

              if (width < 1325) {

                  width = 1325;  //Use minimum width


      And those PDFs still break data table across pages.


      Now I wouldn't be bothered with PDF reports if your HTML report format works.  When does it send out MHT file attachments when I select the HTML option?  You are aware you can put HTMLs inside an email message right?  Oh you must know, because all the "THWACK Weekly Digest" email comes to my Inbox with logos and graphics and nice fonts etc.  Why can't you make the scheduled report email looks like that with proper HTML email?


      We've been using SolarWinds for 5+ years and you seem to have made no improvement in this regard all this time.  Please tell me I'm wrong and show me how to fix these!