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    Why is 8 greater than 35 in Orion?


      I have a node which has triggered a temperature alert (and the accompanying reset) the last few nights, with no evidence of such an event if I look at the logs on the device itself. This Alarm/Action is setup on several dozen nodes but this only seemed to be happening on one of them. Then I realized that this node was the only one going below 10 degrees. I have a query set up on one of my views that sorts the temperatures descending, and lo and behold the node with a 8 degree temp is at the top of the list, above all of the nodes in the 20s.


      This is annoying, but what is unacceptable is that alerts are being triggered on this same math.

      I'm assuming the query view is alphabetizing rather than checking a numerical value in my alert. However, why would the alert itself do that?

      Is there something wrong in my alert?

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          That column is a string because lots of UNDP devices report strings in their responses.  You can tell your alert to treat it as an integer by changing from the "current Value" to the Current Numeric Value" in your alert logic.  You might also be able to do the same thing on the table but I don't recall for sure.


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