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    Interfaces sending alarms even when they are shutdown


      If a Port on eg. my Nexus chassis is in shutdown but a SFP is inserted i get errors like "Lane 1 Transceiver Bias Current Sensor". I don't want to set the port to unmanaged or mute as i want to have it managed and reporting as soon it's turned active.

      Is there a way to have a Interface, or a device in general, completely silent when it's shutdown?

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          I'd claim to have answered this myself, but it's on a Cisco forum that I found my answer. I kinda don't like the 'solution', but i had to stop the false alerts. The 'solution' is at the very bottom.


          Here's the article link: Solved: Te1/1/X Bias Current Sensor Solar Wind ... - Cisco Community


          Cisco TAC told me the Bias Current value expressed in mA is not the most interesting one to monitor the health of fiber links. This value has been removed from the recent Cisco IOS XE images that's why it is not displayed on the result of the command # show int tex/x transceiver detail.


          You can use the Optical Transmit/Receive Power values to monitor the health of fiber links.


          By checking on the Distribution switch (Cat6800 running another IOS flavor), the Bias Current value is displayed and is between thresholds.


          So the problem is located on Solarwinds side.

          Solarwinds didn't provide any hotfix yet.


          As a workaround, you can disable the polling of the Current Bias sensor:
          Settings > All Settings > Manage Hardware Sensors > Group By Node, and disable the sensor.

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