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    HOW TO ADD TO SIDE TAB - Groups by Team


      I want to have on Side TAB Down Devices by Group (Team)  each Group (Team) in it's own colum


      Column 1  = Down Devices - Eng,    column 2 = Down Devices - SD,    column 3 = Down Devices - AV, Column 4 = Down Event Devices


      this is what I have - perfer to only show each group and not ALL Groups showing up,     on colum 1 down device - eng, column 2 should only be down devices SD, etc..


      I am able to add Groups in each column but everything shows up in each. 1st colum i have set - dispaly expanded that is why you see thos 4 down devices, did samething to column 2 but it won't stay expanded on Down Devices - SD