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    Orion Reports for device inventory -Mfg part


      I am trying to create a Report with Mfg part for Cisco devices.


      Example:     Mfg.Part: CON-SNT-C2921AX9

      VENDOR - Cisco,   MACHINE TYPE - Cisco 2921,     etc.


      Any suggestion where I can get the Mfg Part column?

      Also  "Serial" column.

        • Re: Orion Reports for device inventory -Mfg part

          Have you searched Reports for "Inventory"?  There are a number excellent pre-built Reports to choose from, and some may provide exactly the information you seek.


          If you don't find what you need pre-built, simply build a new Report that includes the "show inventory" command, or copy/edit an existing report to include that option.


          I have a "Physical Entities (Serial Number) v2" Report that I love for catching the serial numbers.  If you don't have that, I can send you instructions for building it.


          I also have one for Cisco Chassis ID's, and another I use for Cisco Card Data.