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    Alert is triggering, but trigger actions/reset actions aren't working


      Hello! This is my first solarwinds monitor and alert and I'm having issues.


      I have an application monitor set up to monitor when a Kiwi Syslog Service windows service is down.



      The application monitor appears to be working. If I test it against the monitored node, it says "service is in stopped state" which is expected.


      On the monitored node page, I see the application events. For instance:


      Application "XX Service down monitor" on node "XXXXX" is down.


      The alert was duplicated from "Restart a Service" template.

      Alert is enabled:



      The Alert is listed under Active Application Alerts.



      Trigger Action is the default copied from Restart a Service alert:


      APM\APMServiceControl.exe ${N=SwisEntity;M=ComponentAlert.ComponentID}


      The trigger condition is causing it to trigger:



      I see the history of the active alert here:





      Service is still down on the server.



      Also I do not receive email for "trigger actions" or "reset action" which I have set up for testing.


      Please let me know if you have any ideas.