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    Native Pollers and Universal Device Pollers




      There are some things about pollers that I dont understand, I'll try to sum it up in a few questions. Hope someone will help.

      As context, we are using NPM and NTA


      1. How can I see which OID's are used by the "SolarWinds Native Pollers"? Are they stored in the database somewhere? I can not edit them. The button is greyed out.

      2. What is the relation between the Universal Device Pollers and the SolarWinds Native Pollers(found in the web console)? And what I'm really asking is are there mirrored OID's in them? Is it one or the other? For example there is a router that has some pollers assigned in UDP but looking at the "Manage Pollers" section in the web console I can see it has a number of other "Native" pollers.assigned to it. How can I tell i'm not mirroring an OID in UDP and Native Pollers when adding a new node if i can't see the OID's used by the native pollers?

      3. Which type of poller is recommended to be used when adding a new node into monitoring? A UDP? or a native poller?


      We do not have the PollerChecker tool on our server. I've heard you can view OID's used by the native pollers with it. Where does one find that tool? Is it in the SDK?


      Thank you in advance.