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    Wiping an APE and re-installing



      After consulting with support on some of the issues we are having in our pre-production environment, we have come to the conclusion that we are going to re-install the Orion and DB servers after we re-image our AWS servers. We want to re-install the APE's associated with these servers as well, so I want to wipe the APE of any solarwinds files, and completely re-install to make sure our versions are in sync, and we are starting clean.


      Is there a recommended process to wipe the APE's short of a re-image? is it as simple as removing the SolarWinds folders or un-installing the modules and then removing?


      Would appreciate any thoughts on the procedure, and watch-outs.


      As background, we have the Orion and DB and EOC servers in AWS, and three APE's on-prem for polling/discovery.


      Appreciate any suggestions,