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    Ticket Merging Bug?


      Recently, we've started seeing cases where merging tickets can create a loop in WHD, causing the whole system to slow to a crawl and requiring a reboot of the server to resolve (albeit temporarily).


      What can trigger this appears to be merging ticket 1 into ticket 2, and then trying to merge ticket 2 into ticket 1. It seems that the ticket merging isn't being confirmed well enough, causing the user to think that the tickets weren't in fact merged, even though ticket 1 might end up being closed.


      Even if ticket 1 ends up being deleted to break the loop, some tickets aren't noticed, and can cause loops in the SQL database, slowing down the system.


      Has anyone else experienced these or similar problems with ticket merging in WHD?

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          fluffy midnight

          Hi warriore,


          I can recreate the issue here, however looking further into the looping after a ticket is deleted will in fact continue to loop because it's a soft delete and continues checking that data even after removal.


          To resolve the loop would require breaking the merge connection in the database, deleting both tickets, or removing the ticket completely from the database.


          This all being said, I don't think anyone is expecting a fix for this because it is not expected that you would merge the tickets back AND forth; when merging tickets you are expected to make a choice which ticket you are merging them into... You can't create a looping issue unless you change your mind and merge them in reverse...


          Solution: don't merge the tickets one way and then the other.



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