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    JDBC Connector error with MySQL


      I've finally tracked down an error and now need help-


      I'm moving my WHD instance from Mac OS to Centos


      Everything is set up and working but WHD won't start because of a time zone error

      'The server time zone 'AEST' is unrecognised or represents more than one time zone'


      With a bit of extra work I found this was because I'm using a new version of the JDBC connector- v8 on the new server, v5 on the old server.

      Putting the old version on the new server does not work.

      I've tried

      - manually setting the time zone in mysql my.cnf

      - using the time zone files for mysql (may have not done this properly )

      - using mysql workbench to set the time zone

      - using mysql commands 'select @@global.time_zone'

      - apparently I could set something in the JDBC connection profile but I can't find that


      and all sorts of other things. I'm really not having much luck, and would appreciate any help......