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    Monitoring USB Devices via WMI?


      Hi there,


      I'm part of a health organization that uses Orion to manage our PC endpoints. We have a number of "cart" PCs that are meant to be available in perpetuity and run a specific UI program to ensure ease of use. SolarWinds handles monitoring both of these things capably (we assign each cart PC a node and use SAM to keep tabs on the UI program process).


      Currently, however, we're running a custom WMI script through Windows task scheduler to keep track of USB devices - the carts have some telecom functionality and need USB audio and video peripherals. The script runs every 5 minutes or so and fires off an email if the specified USB devices aren't discovered. This works, but we'd prefer if all aspects of our device monitoring were handled through one interface. So we were wondering if SolarWinds had either the capability to incorporate the recurring WMI query or if it had an innate function that achieved the same effect. Any clarification you could provide would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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          Have you tried SAM's WMI monitor?

          All settings --> SAM Settings --> Create a new template --> Add Component Monitors --> WMI monitor (last on the list)


          Try sticking your WMI query in, and see how you go.

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            I'm pretty sure you can't monitor a USB connected device, but you could achieve your goal a slightly different way by:


            1. Change the scheduled task to log events to Event log, versus the current e-mail.

            2. Configure the monitored PC to send syslogs to NPM/SAM.

            3. Configure alerts in NPM/SAM for the syslog messages.


            That gives you that single view you are looking for, and you can do some cool stuff with powershell and SWQL in NPM/SAM alerts.


            Just an option,


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