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    Node tracking - Nodes that Change name


      Guys, we have nodes that change hostname regularly (won't get into the details) but we never have an issue with that as other agent based software such as SCOM, CA ITCM etc. tracks agent using a GUID that uniquely identifies the agent. In NPM I see that it seems to track nodes based on either their IP address hostname or a combination of both! This seems to me to be a terrible method of doing this! For example:


      1. If a bring up a server form a build with name A then need ot move it across a VM datacentre and rename it to B it seems to stay as A a s anode in NMP
      2. I have two domains monitored with NPM and i can have a Windows host called A in both domains as they are separated at my network/site. If NPM is monitoring both nodes how does it handle this?


      Basically what I'm asking is how NPM track nodes and assigns uniqueness to them in is framework