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    NPM 12.3 Positive Upgrade Experiences


      I hate to create a new thread but the current ones are getting drowned out with bad news. Bad news is good and bad: good for the community to attack problems cooperatively but bad for those waiting in the wings to get invaluable feedback from the early adopters.


      I'm looking for your thoughts and screenshots that highlight the new features of the new products with real world examples from people who are HAPPY with the new versions of NPM/SAM/IPAM etc. I know I can see all this in the demo site, but I'd like to see how YOU are using it.


      Did you upgrade a large environment? Are you running the new versions trouble free?


      Share the happiness! I want to know that people are actually using the new versions with no issues. Right now, it looks like its blowing up all over the place for anyone going near it.


      I'll be honest, my teams are monitoring the other threads and are starting to feel tentative about moving forward with the upgrade.


      Please tell me you had a different experience in this thread. Please tell me how much you LOVE 12.3.