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    Automate "Manage as Node"


      I'm seeking to understand if there is a way to automate switching a node that is existing and being monitored via SNMP or WMI to being monitored via agent.

      When I install an agent on a server that is already an existing SNMP or WMI polled node, the agent stays in "incognito"(spy) mode as I call it, until I edit the node manually and switch it to being polled via agent.
      If I install the agent on a server that hadn't already been in SolarWinds as a node, the incoming agent creates a node that is polled via agent.I understand that there are checks being done during the process of attempting to manually switch it to being polled via agent, but when dealing with hundreds and hundreds of nodes, if the created agent comes in as "Agent is running" and "Status:Connected", I would much rather prefer to forgo those polling method change safety checks and have it marry the agent to the node automatically.

      any thoughts would be appreciated