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    Catching up on Module Versions


      Get to do the exciting work of updating from NPM 12.0.1 to 12.1. I can't imagine I am alone in this but inherited this system without a process for updates. This is going to be a test of the waters on how updates go with the eventual goal of being caught up with all modules by the end of the year and a process in place to stay up to date.
      I watched this video: UPGRADES UN-MYSTIFIED  Which makes this seem like not a huge deal at all. Have the plan to back up the front-end and backend just in case certain important pieces for us are broken and cannot be fixed in the maintenance window. Also to do the install as local administrator and turn off anti virus during the install.

      Would love to hear stories from those who have had smooth or not so smooth updates.

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          Are you just upgrading NPM or are there other applications?

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            Just brace yourself, sometimes they go smooth and everything is fine, but often times it is a real train wreck, especially with multiple modules.  It has gotten better since the older versions and the latest installer has been the most reliable yet for me, but you have a couple steps to get through before you are in the current release.  And to be honest I'm reluctant to move my clients to 12.3 just yet as I've seen a good number of issues popping up with instability after the upgrade and one of the 3 labs I use has been a nightmare since the upgrade (although the other 2 seem to have been perfect, they are newer installs with a lot less historical garbage in them).

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                Just wanted to follow up with saying we managed to make the move to 12.3. One thing I'd like to note for those that may look at this.


                If you had to update your DB to 2016 make sure to install SP1 after the initial install of the DB on the server, it is not by default the newest service pack. This is important for NTA.


                Use the offline installer if you are not going to the newest version. Grab the NPM 12.3 offline installer and it will include the updates for all your other modules with it.


                Other than a few other minor things the update was pretty smooth once I was able to get a time to do it.