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    Can Orion primary engine work on 2 IP addresses?


      Okay, so here's a question for you. Well, several actually. Our Orion 12.1 has an IP address in a subnet we would like to retire. We are in the process of upgrading to new servers and Orion 12.3. It is too big a project to change the server IP address at this time. However, it would be easier to migrate if Orion could listen on 2 different IP addresses -- that way we could gracefully migrate over time.


      We are getting a new SQL server too -- which we did not previously have a separate SQL server. It would be good to have the new server in newer subnet, so that we don't add to the old IP schema we are trying to retire. If we do put the SQL server in a different subnet/VLAN, then the core switch will have to route the packets which represent extra hops and more processing. It would be better if the Orion primary engine and the SQL server we in the same VLAN and subnet, on the same switch, do forwarding and processing would be minimal.


      So, here are the questions:


      1. Can Orion (the primary engine) listen on 2 IP addresses for Syslog, Netflow, SNMP, etc?
      2. Can Orion poll and listen for SNMP on IPaddress1, but listed for Netflow and syslog on IPaddress2?
      3. Can Orion communicate with nodes via IPaddress1, but communicate with the SQL database on IPaddress2?
      4. Anyone have any experience with this?