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    Ticket Assignment Notfication to Client (Not Tech)?


      Is there a way to notify the Client/User after a ticket has been assigned and to which tech it was assigned?


      I have something similar setup with an Action rule, for when a tech is assigned to a ticket it sends an email to our IT Technician distro group notifying each tech which tech took the ticket.  This works since it's always going to same email address everytime.


      But for Clients that submit tickets, the recipient of the notification would change based on who submitted it.  I tried adding <client_email> to the Recipient section of the Send Email Action rule, but the tags are not valid in the Recipient section.



      I also attempted to add a Modify Ticket Action, and append a Note with the info, but the tags above are not valid in Notes, so again I'm at a loss on how to accomplish this, short of a tech manually adding a Note that they are working on it and clicking Send & Email.


      Another idea I had was to Send Email to the helpdesk email account with the ticket number and the info I wanted appended to the ticket, but it ignored the email as it must not recognized an email sent from the helpdesk to the helpdesk as a valid email to append to the ticket.


      Any other ideas would be appreciated.