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    Database configuration failed - Field not found - LegacyNcmDefaultMagicNumber




      I've had a good google, asked around and spent a good day trying to resolve this issue...



      My deployment has recently been upgraded to NCM 7.6 and NPM 12.1 and was working after. Having come back to it a few weeks later I seem to be unable to access the Orion web interface and upon inspecting am getting the following error. I have completely uninstalled SolarWinds and reinstalled it with fresh versions of NCM and NPM but still get the error. Is it that it is missing the plugin? When looking in windows Uninstall Programs and Features I am unable to find the NPM and NCM integration entry which I have seen in previous versions.. is it that that is missing? I'd have thought the fresh install would have installed that but it has not. I am using a pre-existing database, and from looking at the error message it seems to suggest it is unable to find a specific field in it?


      I am getting an error when running the configuration wizard:


                     Database configuration failed:

                          - Exception while configuring plugin SolarWinds NCM Integration Plugin component Orion Database Update. Field

                            not found: 'SolarWinds.Orion.NCM.Security.Constraints.LegacyNcmDefaultMagicNumber'.


      Has anyone had this error before? I am fairly new to SolarWinds so please forgive any basics I may be missing.