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    Client e-mail after update


      Hi all,


      At the moment i'm busy importing 350 clients in de WHD and got a problem.


      Everytime when a client is saving a ticket, there will be a e-mail sent out when the CC is filled (by a tech).

      I don't understand why this is happening:

      - Clients can't view CC/e-mail adress

      - Clients can only save NOT save & e-mail

      - No action rules where an e-mail will be sent out.



      I hope someone has a answer for me.


      Kindly regards,


      Jelmer van der Kist

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          Are the Tech Accounts set to receive notification when a client updates the ticket?


          Under Setup > Techs > Techs > tech-account > Account Info

          ...in the Notifications section: Send me an email when... A client updates my ticket.

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            Hi Jelmer,


            Is the E-Mail going out to the CC contact, what is ticked within the recepients section of an example Ticket? You are using WHD12.5.2 ?



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              fluffy midnight

              Hi jkist,


              If you have put them as a CC and the option is still enabled to go out to them, the update from the client should go to them too.


              If you want to confirm the cause you can check the Ticket History; it is highly likely that you will see the email went out from the client just after they updated the ticket, which would mean the CC'd users are being notified because they've been left enabled in the ticket rather than an Action Rule or trigger event causing the issue.


              If you don't want this to happen you should be able to un-tick the CC option and when the ticket is updated again it shouldn't go out to them.