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    SAM - Testing a node's DNS resolution?


      I'm trying to build a SAM template that will test whether the ${NODENAME} of the node it's assigned to is resolving properly to ${IP} on a particular DNS server.  Is there any way to specify which DNS server the DNS User Experience monitor queries instead of just having it query the node it's assigned to?  Or is there a different way to accomplish this with IPAM etc?

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          Look familar?



          The problem with the NetScalers, is that they don't supply any information of their storage, well beyond /var and /flash.

          I found this document Citrix NetScaler SNMP OID Reference  and within it there is nsSysHealthDiskTable (, but when you look at it, it only returns information for /var and /flash.

          So the problem appears to be that the storage information, you wish to monitor, just isn't presented to the SNMP agent.


          You could test this yourself, using SnmpWallk (<wherever>\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\snmpwalk.exe), you can walk the entire MIB and then do a text search for known volume names.