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    SAM add perfmon counter to chart


      I am relatively new to Solarwinds and SAM.  Some experience using SCOM and NetIQ AppManager.


      Using SAM 6.4


      Creating a view for my Exchange administrators.


      I have added a chart for MAX 5 SERVERS CPU FOR PAST 24 HOURS.  CPU is standard "built-in" data collection so I was able to add that "data series" no problem.


      Would like to create a similar chart for RPC Averaged Latency which is an Exchange perfmon counter - part of the ExchangeIS object.


      I have created an Application with a Component Monitor to pull this counter no problem.




      Can't figure out how to get that "data series" into a view chart.


      > looks like I cannot include a Web Report into a console view


      > creating a Custom Chart I don't see anything like that as a "Resource"; so far not able to figure out how to put that data stream into a data source / data series.


      Can someone advise the best way to pull perfmon data gathered by a Component Monitor into a console view (chart of table).


      Thanks much.