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    Deploy/Update Agents via scripts




         We are just getting into using the agent communication for our existing Solarwinds environment. Our single Solarwinds main poller sits in a separate DMZ as the nodes we are installing the agent on. There is no file share type communication allowed between the main poller and the nodes so we are unable to use the built-in Solarwinds features. We do have active directory in those DMZs so that is a possibility.


      We are looking to deploy the passive agent in one DMZ (NO AD DOMAIN) and the active agent in the other DMZs (Has AD domain).

      We do not want to install the agent on ALL computers in the DMZs.

      I do have an admin account on each machine.

      We want to be able to update the agent when new versions a published.

      We already have all the necessary communication ports open with the exception of file transfer.


      Appreciate any assistance.