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    Solarwinds Orion Database to other than MSSQL?


      Hello Everyone,


      this discussion is more than a discussion a question, could it be possible to install solarwinds on other type of DB instead of MSSQL, currently we monitor a bunch of devices, therefore sometomes orion while monitoring we get a lot of data to the DB from time to time that affects performance is it possible to install solarwinds on impala under hadoop to improve data speed access? or any advice?

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          I am unaware of any option like this. Though you may be able to mitigate your issues without throwing more resources at the situation.

          A support case may be the easiest way to go without getting pulled into rabbit holes. You can also provide some details here about your setup for notes.


          How many Servers? Primary, Additional Polling Engines? Netflow, FSDB? Other DB's managed on the SQL Server instance where SWDB is housed?

          Server specs? Node/element count & Load balancing effort(if APE's)?


          Any details about the devices that may be sending a lot of data? Specific Device Type, TOD, Region/Location, Known Latency issues? Possibly of bad device response?


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