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    Is Port Speed/Duplex available in an UDT report


      I know how to find speed/duplex once I put in an IP address of the host I looking for, but to save me from having to look through 800+ hosts to record the speed/duplex of the port (our locations are spread over 5-100+ acres), I was hoping to find this data in a field I can pump out a report of.


      Even better, I'd like to report on all port speed and duplex when the port is in use and has a specific MAC manufacturer code.


      Is this wishful thinking?





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          Hello Lee,


          Have you checked the options in Report Writer? I just looked and see that one can find the Interface Speed, both Administrative Status and Operational Status, and Physical Address (MAC). I do not see Duplex, though.




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              If you can't do it with a normal report you could try creating a report using a custom table with SWQL as the datasource


              Example SWQL 


              SELECT DISTINCT
              u.Node.Caption As Node,
              Name As Interface, 
                  WHEN Speed <= 100000000 THEN CONCAT(Speed/1000000,'MB')
                  ELSE CONCAT(Speed/1000000000,'GB')
              END AS Speed,
                  WHEN Duplex = 1 THEN 'Full'
                  ELSE 'Half'
              END as Duplex,
                  WHEN Trunkmode = 0 then 'Access' 
                  WHEN Trunkmode = 1 then 'Trunk' 
                  WHEN Trunkmode = 2 then 'Undefined' 
                  ElSE concat(TrunkMode)
              END AS TrunkMode,
                  WHEN u.Endpoints.ConnectionType = 1 THEN 'Direct'
                  WHEN u.Endpoints.ConnectionType = 2 THEN 'InDirect'
                  ELSE concat(u.Endpoints.ConnectionType)
              END AS ConnectionType,
              oui.Company AS Vendor,
              u.Endpoints.Endpoint.MACAddress AS EndPoint_MAC,
              u.Endpoints.Endpoint.IPAddresses.IPAddress AS EndPoint_IP,
              u.Endpoints.Endpoint.IPAddresses.DNSNames.DNSName AS EndPoint_DNS
              FROM Orion.UDT.Port u
              LEFT JOIN Orion.UDT.OUIReport oui ON u.Endpoints.EndpointID = oui.EndpointID 
              WHERE IsMOnitored = TRUE -- Only display UDT Ports that are being monitored
              AND OperationalStatus = 1 -- Port Status = UP
              AND u.Endpoints.ConnectionType = 1 -- 1 = Direct, 2 = Indirect


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              I don't think UDT does get the Speed/Duplex.  i bet you need Network Performance Monitor to Get those data.  Once you have that, you can try the query above.

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