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    Customer Portal - Experience - (2) Questions


      Good afternoon -


      We're currently standing up our Unified Ticketing system here in our organization. We ended up selecting SolarWinds WHD since we're familiar with it to a degree and it met our immediate agency requirements. I am curious about the following customer experience on the Web Portal specifically.


      Is it possible to HIDE the request type/category drop down menu when the customer is sending in the request form the web portal? Can the Location and RM fields be hidden? Can custom fields be added? Say we want to be a bland experience for the customer. Could we just implement only a Subject field and a Body field and them just submit the ticket. Is that doable?




      Could a customer from department X get a different request/type/category drop down list than say a customer from department Z, or is this a one size must fit all regardless of organization thing?


      Thank you-


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          Each request type has the ability to be hidden form the client. If you go to Setup> Tickets> Request Types, select one of the request types and look roughly half way down the page. You will see a selection called "Visible to Client" if this box is selected the Request type will be available for selection in the web console. If you deselect this it will only be visible for techs. No you cannot hide locations from the client. There is a selection but if it is selected it will only allow email ticket creations from the client. Honestly, if you want to hide the locations and request types this might be the better option for you. As for the custom fields, if you are trying to add them to the web portal, you will not be able to. They are for inside the actual ticket only. For the final question, if you assign a request type to a location, company, or department and the client is assigned to the same department, they should only see the request types assigned to the locations, departments, or companies only. I hope this helps.

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