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    https:\\ is not working  but http:\\ is working.


      https:\\ is not working  but http:\\ is working . Also friendly URL is not working .NCM 7.4 .  Please do provide the relevant support against the same .

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          fluffy midnight

          Hi ssingh144,


          This section of the forum is for Web Help Desk, I would recommend re-submitting this to the correct area for better and swifter assistance; the area you are looking for is: Network Configuration Manager


          As for your issue, this could be for numerous reasons... are you able to provide screenshot/s of the issue, and any errors that come up when connecting?


          If you can connect to HTTP, do you see a certificate on your site?


          Here's a list of a few common causes for this type of issue:

          • You have not applied a certificate to NCM. (I would suspect it's not this issue as it's not giving you a certificate error)
          • The Domain Name Service (DNS) does not meet the DNS of the certificate you've given it. (Once again, I would expect a certificate error for this)
          • Possible miss-configuration on NCM which is not allowing HTTPS.
          • Firewall blocking the connection.
          • Port hasn't been configured on the server to allow connections through the port. Here's a link to the ports NCM can require: NCM 7.6 Requirements - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support.


          Note: If you have an active maintenance agreement with SolarWinds, I would recommend contacting them for swift assistance.