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    VTI interfaces within Cisco ASA


      Hi guys, i'm running a pair of ASA 5525X in HA mode and have recently brought up 25 VTI tunnels (new as of last January on ASAs).


      One thing I'm noticing is that I can select the VTI interfaces as a resource to monitor and they show up as an interface, with up/down but here's the problem: it never shows anything except for 0 bps!  These tunnels have in some cases 50+ megs of traffic but you'd never know it.


      We also run PRTG and PRTG has no issues adding these and having them show up with bandwidth, etc.  I'm not the best with either program but I'm really hoping someone has figured this out or could point me in the right direction.  Thank you.


      To be clear, i'm talking about route-based virtual tunnel interfaces and NOT normal ipsec L2L tunnels.


      One other point of info is that Solarwinds picks these up perfectly fine (for years) on routers, but not ASAs.