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    Web Help Desk HTML Email Processing?


      Is it just me or does WHD not properly process HTML emails?  I have a case where the system has been sent HTML emails and data including links is getting stripped out.  Is this normal behavior and is there a way to change it so that it better handles HTML emails?


      Thanks in advance for any help on this!

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          Under Setup > Options > Email Options, is it set to: 'Default to HTML' ?


          This can be overridden on a per-Tech basis.

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            fluffy midnight

            Hi Byrona,


            Firstly, checking the email history to make sure it's the help desk causing the issue, I would recommend using Setup > Email > Incoming Email, then using the History tab and checking the processed email.


            You should additionally make sure HTML-based emails are enabled within your email client for the help desk specific user.


            If there is no visible issue with this view, please can you provide an example email that is being processed by Web Help Desk? (preferably in code format or an email attachment to review what is being processed by the help desk)


            The option Justin has provided won't be the cause to this particular issue.


            - Midnight

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                fluffy midnight as best I an tell checking those incoming emails as you have suggested doesn't help because those have already been processed.  I have been able to re-create this issue and it doesn't seem to happen when I send it to other people using a standard email client.

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                    fluffy midnight

                    Hi byrona,


                    If an email has already been processed it displays details of what has been processed within the History section, I presume what has been processed is the same as what you had submitted in the first place? It would be good to double-check this if you haven't already.


                    If you could provide further details:


                    • What version of Web Help Desk are you running?
                    • Is this on-premise or cloud?
                    • What email provider are you using?
                    • Is the email hosted in-house or cloud?
                    • Have the HTML emails you are having issues with ever worked?
                    • Are you also able to provide an example email that doesn't work?


                    I can run some tests on my side and see if the issue resides in the email, and if you would prefer to send these details to me direct, please do so.