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    Job to change from Radius to TACACS+ authentication


      Good morning,


      I am trying to create a script that will allow me to add TACACS + configurations as well as a couple clean up commands.  This is pretty much the standard script for most of our devices.  I know the modifications are correct but how do I place them in a job to do all Cisco devices.  This will assist in doing the bulk of my changes and then I can do the 40 or so in a different job.


      tacacs server ise-1

      address ipv4 10.x.x.x

      key *

      tacacs server ise-2

      address ipv4 10.x.x.x

      key *

      tacacs-server directed-request



      aaa group server tacacs+ ISE-config

      server name ise-1

      server name ise-2





      aaa authentication login default group ISE-config local

      aaa authentication login CONSOLE local

      aaa authorization exec default group ISE-config local


      no radius server radius1

      no radius server radius2


      no ip radius source-interface Vlan1

      ip tacacs source-interface Vlan1