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    Unscheduling Maintenance


      I love the Maintenance mute / unmanage feature of SolarWinds since Comcast and AT&T love to do maintenance. Unfortunately, about half the time, they like to reschedule their maintenances. Try as I might, I cannot find a way to just remove a maintenance period. The closest I've been able to come is to schedule it for one minute at some point in the future and call it "close enough." Anyone know of a better / different way?


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          Vinay BY

          1. You can remove the bulk scheduled maintenance (unmanage) in multiple ways, SolarWinds uses Windows Scheduled tasks on the backend to unmanage the devices/interfaces/applications etc ..... based on the modules you have. Check the below post when you use bulk unmanage using the scheduled utility which is on primary poller

          Re: Schedule Unmanaged Utility


          You could either delete the .cmd or .xml or you could simply delete the scheduled task that's created for your maintenance and recreate a new one using the utility.


          2. If you are unmanaging the nodes from web gui then you will have to directly make changes on the DB to Nodes table, you will have 2 fields called 'Unmanage from' & 'Unmange till' or something like that on the Nodes table have a look at it, login into primary poller and then login into DBManager get onto Nodes table, check for the details on a node that is unmanaged in SolarWinds through a select query (check those 2 specific fields) on the DB, if you want to revert the changes you made just update those 2 fields through an update query on the DB (set it to an older date than the current time).


          Hope it helps.

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              I really think it's a lot easier to just schedule a one minute maintenance in the near future and allow it to pass. Since the DB only allows one instance of scheduled maintenance you are overriding the previously scheduled maintenance with the one minute maintenance. The report I show in the reply below will help you identify if there is any scheduled maintenance that needs to be "undone." This is especially helpful if you have scores of devices that need to be rescheduled. So, for instance, if you have set a maintenance for every node with "Chicago" in the name you can easily search for "Chicago" in the Manage Nodes interface and set that short maintenance for all of them at once.

              This IS risky because an actual outage would not alert during the period in question and, in the case of unmanagement, statistics would not be collected. But by making the maintenance one minute long you should lose incredibly little data and would find out about an actual outage only 1 minute later (at most) than normal.

              Food for thought.

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              Vinay BY

              Point 2, I dont remember the DB tables and fields exactly, check if there is a flag for unmanage on nodes table which could be set to true or false, if that a flag field is available you could as well run an update query to change the flag back to false, this would stop the unmanage schedule from running.

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                  I do not use the "Schedule Unmanaged Utility" just the web interface. Here's the query / report I use to find the nodes that are scheduled. The key fields are UnManageFrom, UnManageUntil, SuppressFrom and SuppressUntil. These fields exist in two different tables; Nodes and AlertSuppression2. This will likely help people do what you are proposing.

                  declare @offset int

                  SET @offset = DateDiff(hour, GetUTCDate(), GetDate())

                  select DISTINCT Caption,


                  when UnManaged = 0 then 'no'

                  when UnManaged = 1 then 'yes'


                  as MMode,

                  dateadd(HOUR, @offset, UnManageFrom) as UnManageFrom,

                  dateadd(HOUR, @offset, UnManageUntil)  as UnManageUntil,

                  dateadd(HOUR, @offset, SuppressFrom) as SuppressFrom,

                  dateadd(HOUR, @offset, SuppressUntil)  as SuppressUntil,

                  nodeID as NodeID


                  nodes n

                  LEFT JOIN AlertObjects o ON o.RelatedNodeId = n.NodeID

                  LEFT JOIN AlertSuppression2 s ON s.EntityUri = o.EntityUri


                  DATEADD(HOUR, @offset, UnManageUntil) >  CURRENT_TIMESTAMP


                  DATEADD(HOUR, @offset, SuppressUntil) >  CURRENT_TIMESTAMP


                  Of course it would be a whole lot easier to have something on the web interface that allows me to "re"manage or "un"mute scheduled maintenances.

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