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    NCM Report - NCM Nodes not backed up


      Hi guys,


      I am trying to create an NCM report that lists information regarding backup status of NCM nodes. I don't seem to be having any luck in creating this.

      Has anybody been able to create one such report without having to resort to using SQL queries?


      What I'm trying to achieve specifically is having an overview of which nodes are and aren't in NCM, their login and backup status.

      The report will let me known whether we have Nodes in our system that aren't added to NCM and or aren't being backup up.

      It would look something like this:



      Is NCM Node (Grouped by)NodeVendorIP AddressLogin StatusLogin TimestampLast Startup BackupLast Running Backup (Sort by)
      sw-rtr01Cisco10.20.30.40Connection refused by 2:01:57 AM6/5/2015 2:00:49 AM
      swrtr02Cisco11.22.33.44Login OK5/13/20185/13/2018 2:00:51 AM5/13/2018 2:00:54 AM
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          Hi Deltona,


              Please follow below steps :


          • Kindly check above nodes are Up/down and kindly check the SNMP/ICMP
          • can you check any NCM credentials working or not
          • can you goto manage properties .it's vendor assigned current template or not
          • Finally can you check your local network team
          • please drop mail to your network team (We are also facing the same problem)





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            David Smith

            Hey Deltona


            I don't think there would be any way of creating that report without using a custom query, but here is one I quickly knocked up for you to see if it might fit the bill:


                SELECT DISTINCT
                                CASE WHEN CT.NodeID IS NOT NULL THEN 'BackedUp' ELSE 'NotBackedUp' END AS NCMStatus,
                                N.NodeID AS CoreNodeID,        
                    FROM NCM.NodeProperties as NP
                    JOIN Orion.Nodes N ON N.NodeID = NP.CoreNodeID
                    JOIN Orion.NodesCustomProperties OCP ON N.NodeID = OCP.NodeID
                    INNER JOIN Orion.Vendors OV ON N.Vendor = OV.Name
                    LEFT JOIN NCM.ConfigArchive CT ON NP.NodeID = CT.NodeID


            Here is an example from my lab:



            I couldn't find a way to show NCM Licensed True/False so I just worked around that if the Node didn't exist in the NCM.ConfigArchive table. Also, I know it's missing the Login Timestamp, but this was quick, so if anyone wants to build on this feel free, or let me know the best place to get that info from and I will build it in.

            Disclaimer - I'm still learning SWQL so this query might not be the most refined way of achieving what you need, but it's a good start hopefully!

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              I still seem to be getting duplicates of nodes. I thought distinct handles that.