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    "Parts used" ticket report


      Please forgive my ignorance, I'm just staring out with web help desk.

      Is there any way to track the tickets which have a record of assigned parts in "Parts and Billing"?  I've looked through every report generating option (Billing, Asset, Ticket), and there's no available field that would give me those values.


      In essence I'm looking for the report that would generate all ticket numbers and parts used for repair.


      If you can point me in a right direction that would be greatly appreciated!!

      Thanks in advance.


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          In Group Ticket, Edit your Columnset / create a new one by clicking on the pencil icon, while editing the column set drag Parts field from Right to Left, and move the parts somewhere near the top of the list on the left hand side, give your column set a name e.g. "parts" , and then click save.

          Any parts attached to a ticket will now appear in the column parts.
          You could create a query which shows only tickets with a cost => 1 or Part No. contains '*'

          Now for the tricky bit...
          Unfortunately you cannot export to TSV file, as it doesn't include the Parts column.
          To export the ticket with parts, click the cog icon then press "Print view", then select "Print to a PDF" and save.

          You could try under the same cog "Tickets to PDF" as well, which shows you a ticket per page..but doesn't contain the part numbers themselves :-(

          Other than that you could set tickets per page to 100 and copy the text on the screen and past into excel.


          Additional...for each ticket you can also create a PDF Invoice / Quote / Ticket document, this itemizes the parts.



          I think that's about the best you'll get..

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              That is a genius solution to my problem!!  With the lack of reporting on the parts field, this will absolutely solve my issue.

              My only concern is that I'll need to manually perform this task say on monthly intervals of closed.  It will be difficult to tackle this issue as total ticket number keeps growing.


              Understanding frequency of part usage distribution is an important part of my budgeting process.  I like to be able to use existing usage patterns to predict stock needs.


              Thank you again for this super useful work-around solution!!