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    Question about IPAM and IP address record updates/scan settings


      I have an issue with IPAM that is really confusing me.  Newly-provisioned servers and their IPs are updated correctly in IPAM.  However when a server is deprovisioned, the IP address still shows as being used, even though the DNS records related to it are removed.


      So I guess I have a two-pronged question.  First, how does IPAM get the updates of a freed IP address, and when is it shown as once again being available?  Second, everywhere I have looked says that IPAM uses ICMP or SNMP to see if an address is available or not.  This is unacceptable for me, since there are times when servers may be legitimately powered down for a period of time where I would not want its address shown as being available again for use.  Is it possible to set up IPAM to show IP availability based on my Active Directory DNS records?  My DNS servers and zones are configured in IPAM as well.


      The reason that this is such a big issue for us is that our on-prem cloud solution uses the SolarWinds/IPAM API to determine an available IP to assign to a new VM.  I'm concerned that if a server is legitimately offline for whatever reason that its IP won't be "released" by IPAM and thus cause an address and/or DNS conflict from the cloud solution assigning the IP to another system.