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    Problem with View Limitations


      Hello all,


      We just upgraded to NPM 12.2 and we're seeing a problem with view limitations. We first saw what I'll call view entanglement, where changing the limitation in a copied view would change the limitation in the original. We applied the SQL fix suggested by SolarWinds in a KB article (see below), and now the two views have independent limitations that simply don't work. That is, applying a 'Group of Groups' or 'Name Pattern' limitation has no effect and all are nodes are visible despite the limitation.


      This seems pretty fundamental and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this and if there are any work arounds.


      Thanks in Advance, Brent



      KB Article from SolarWinds


      Modifying the limitations of copy view affects the original view        


      Modifying the limitations of copy view affects the original view.


      NPM 11.5 and later, including NPM 12.2


      1. Copy the original view.
      2. Edit and remove all limitations from the copy view.
      3. Re-add the limitation for the copy view.


      Alternatively, you can create a new view as only one view was effected.



      Do not use this in NPM 12.2. When tested in this environment, removing the limitation from the copy view also removed it from the original view. The only known workaround at this time is to identify the view ID of the copied view and run the following query: UPDATE Views SET LimitationID = 0 WHERE ViewID =