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    Alert - Notify when node powers on HELP


      Hi All,


      I'm a newbee to Solarwinds, and looking for a little help.

      Looking to create an alert that e-mails our team when a particular server (node) powers on.

      The server is intended to be powered off because it has old certs, and not ready for decom.


      I tried using to use the out of the box alert "Alert me when a group goes down" in reverse, but not getting the e-mails.


      1) Do I need to create a monitor instead of an alert?

      2) I've included the settings below, but not sure if this is my problem.


      Any input is appreciated.


      Name of alert:

      Alert when RootCA is turned ON

      Description of alert:

      This alert will write to the SolarWinds event log when RootCA turns on and when it comes back on again. ***RootCA is always supposed to be ALWAYS off***



      Type of Property to monitor






      Evaluation Frequency of alert:

      Every minute


      Severity of alert:




      Alert Custom Properties: (0)


      No Alert Custom Properties defined

      Alert owner (user who created this alert):



      Alert Limitation Category

      No Limitation


      Trigger Condition:

      Reset Condition:

      Time of Day schedule:

      Trigger Action:

      Reset Action:

      Alert Integration

      Alert integration with other SolarWinds Products
      When specific alert is triggered or reset, the other alert-managing products (e.g. ServiceNow Integration, AlertCentral, WebHelpDesk) can be informed about this event to take appropriate further steps.»What products can I integrate my alert with?
      Alert subject



      Properties to include


      IP Address${IP_Address}
      Object Sub Type${ObjectSubType}
      Status Description${StatusDescription}
      Node Name${SysName}