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    Invisible Tickets in WHD


      Question: why are Group Tickets incomplete?

      Question: why are My Tickets incomplete?


      Currently, based on Searches, we have 115 total tickets and 22 not closed.  The 22 are as follows:

      3 Open

      2 Pending

      10 Resolved

      6 In Process

      1 Canceled


      Two of these Not Closed tickets are mine (both Resolved), yet they do not show in My Tickets.  Only 7 tickets show in Group Tickets.


      We are running version 12.5.2 Build 84 and have 6 Techs.  Some show 7 in Group Tickets, others have some other number.


      Can anyone help us shed some light on this issue?  Thx.

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          Under Setup > General > Options > Max Search Results, do you have a value set?

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            It's worth checking your Tech Groups to see what Request Types and techs you have assigned in them, if you don't appear in the list you might not be able to see them in the My/Group tickets view.


            Additional there is a know bug which some tickets don't have their status set correctly even when they are labelled so.


            To check if any of you tickets have this issue create a ticket status query:


            Status is not Open

            Status is not pending

            Status is not Resolved

            Status is not In Process

            Status is not Cancelled

            … + any other status types you have


            Once you have found these tickets, then run a bulk action against them to set the status again e.g. Pending.


            Until Solarwinds fix this issue - I use an action rule which sets the Status to pending if the Status Type is not any of the above.




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