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    Device Template Connection Profile Fails to Connect on Avaya Network Switches




      We are currently using NCM to backup the running configuration for all of our network switches. Our current procedure is to create a telnet connection profile which logs in using set credentials and runs the necessary commands. However, I have noticed that Avaya switches that are on Firmware version: and Software version: v5.11.1.013 cause the telnet connection to send/receive malformed symbols. The banner for the switch loads in correctly, however after that seven "Bell" symbols are shown, each with no response. The character I'm referring to is the " " or (U+0007) symbol: https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/0007/index.htm

      Connecting with Telnet through Putty works fine. Additionally, this issue does not occur when connecting through SSH, however in our environment we only use Telnet to connect. This only occurs when attempting to connect through the Device Template menu with Telnet. I have attached screenshots to clarify my issue.


      Is this an Avaya switch issue, or something that can be remedied through Orion itself?




      The seven "bell" symbols being repeated with no results

      This the output I see when attempting to Telnet

      The current settings I am using



      EDIT: I have discovered the solution on my own. Naturally, right after posting too. This seems to be fixed by also selecting the proper CLI Device Template for the node in the Edit Properties section. We have a Avaya 4850 Device Template, which when selected and this connection profile is used, solves the issue.