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    Disable/Unmanage Components - Blackout Period


      I need to set up blackout period on components in application monitors and disk. I tried looking at the Unmanage Scheduling Utility tool, but it wont let me put components or Disk/CPU/Memory in an unmange state. I know we can put the component in it's own application and unmanage it, but we want to see if we could disable and enable component via the API or in the DB.

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          Unfortunately, there is not a way to unmanage or mute alerts for a specific component. The best way to do it today is on the entire application template or the node itself. The Unmanage Scheduling Utility can unmanage the nodes. Anything for muting alerts in a recurring fashion has to be done through the API. There are example scripts out there showing how that could be done.


          I'd also recommend upvoting this feature request

          UnManage Component Monitors within an Assigned Application Template

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              Thanks for the answer. We cant unmanage the node because the application on the server is supposed to be up, but the disk will fill up because of the scheduled backup job. I don't like the mute alert because it will still show in the reports that the component was down. Therefore i was looking on options to disable and enable the components via api or swql I tried finding some information on this or where this data is placed in the database, but no luck yet.

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              Raul Gonzalez



              you can use the API and SWQL to disable those components you need to for a specific period of time. something like:


              ###Connect to SW API

              $hostname = "xxxxxx" 

              $username = "admin" 

              $password = "xxxxxxxx" 

              $cred = New-Object -typename System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist @($username,(ConvertTo-SecureString -String $password -AsPlainText -Force)) 

              $swis= Connect-Swis -Credential $cred -Hostname $hostname


              ###Get URI from the components you need, something like

              $components = $get-swisdata $swis -query "Select uri from orion.apm.components where XXXXXXXX"


              ###Disable components

              foreach ($component in $components)


              Set-SwisObject $swis -uri $component -Properties @{ disabled = $true }



              To remanage them, just execute the same script but changing Disabled = $true for Disabled = $false


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