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    Push changes to data in Orion DB regarding Alert Action SMTP???


      We have 100s of alert actions configured (most of these are just NPMEventLog or EMail actions). I am doing some clean up, and I see SMTP parameters sending alert email actions out of domains we are trying to retire. If I run the SQL query,



      NetPerfMon dbo APM_ExBB_Mailbox           PrimarySmtpAddress
      NetPerfMon dbo APM_ExBbCurrentMailboxes   PrimarySmtpAddress
      NetPerfMon dbo APM_ExBbMailboxAlertsData  PrimarySmtpAddress
      NetPerfMon dbo APM_AlertsData             Smtp_Percent_Availability
      NetPerfMon dbo APM_AlertsData             Smtp_ResponseTime     
      NetPerfMon dbo APM_AlertsData             Smtp_Status
      NetPerfMon dbo SMTPServers                SMTPServerID


      We only see one column for general actions (ie not APM related), and that column is called [SMTPServerID] in the [SMTPServers] table. In that table, there are some older servers we wish to retire. There doesn't appear to be a link from [ActionDefinitions] table to the [SMTPServers] table. However, in the [ActionDefinitions] table, there is a column labeled [Target] which has SMTP information in the field values. For example, we might see in the field, and value:

      To:nessy@cryptids.com  CC:  BCC:  SMTPServer:mail.cryptids.com  SMTPPort:25  EnableSSL:False  Format:Text 


      But since The Loch Ness Monster failed to beat the Dragon, we are retiring that domain, and going with Gorgon domain instead -- we all know the Gorgon should have won. So, what I'm wondering is would it mess anything up if we searched the SQL records in [Target].[ActionDefinitions] and replace the data there with the updated field values:

      To:medusa@gorgons.com  CC:  BCC:  SMTPServer:mail.gorgons.com  SMTPPort:25  EnableSSL:False  Format:Text 


      This would of course be assuming that the data is correct (just like entering invalid data into the web GUI would yield no delivered messages). We have a lot of clean-up to do, and going through each and every action using the GUI could take longer than debating whether dragons can breathe fire under water. I know some of you SQL experts may have the information I need. Thank you kindly.