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    Remote Office Poller for Additional Polling Engine


      Dear All,


      In the scalability document, I read about ' Remote Office Poller' which looks like a Add-on to additional polling engine to poll data from Remote site.


      We have a environment with 2 main Data Center, connected with about 600 remote sites,, The complexity here is ,at some remote sites, there wont be any speed connection like VPN, and so latency will be more than 300ms..I believe inorder to over come these scenarios, Remote office Poller can be used.


      Kindly please correct my understanding, and also help with any detailed articles about remote pollers';

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          Yes it would be perfect because it polls from the site and sends data back to application server which will get around your latency issue. The difference between the standard ape and rop is the licensing which can be purchased specifically for smaller numbers and does not have to conform with the main poller.

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              The Remote Office Poller (ROP) would not work in this scenario. The backend architecture and connection requirements for the ROP are identical as a full Additional Polling Engine (APE). The only difference between the ROP and APE is the ROP has less polling capacity. The ROP has either 250 elements or 1000 elements and comes at a lower price point.


              For the ones that have a internal connection like a VPN, MPLS, etc i would poll via SNMP for network gear and deploy an agent for Windows/Linux.


              For the sites that do not have a VPN, MPLS, etc it becomes a lot more challenging. You could monitoring the main firewall at each site via SNMP over it's WAN interface. You would not be able to poll for devices behind a remote firewall via a NAT/PAT because Orion only allows 1 unique hostname/IP as a node.


              If there is a windows or linux server you can attempt to do something outlined in this article, but it does require work to get it set up.

              SNMP Micro Remote Polling Engine (Linux Agent)

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              Centralized Deployment with Remote Office Pollers

              To deploy your Orion Platform product in numerous, remote locations when you do not need to scale up your installation, use a Remote Office Poller for Additional Polling Engine (ROP, mini-poller).

              See Scalability Engine Guidelines by product to verify if your product supports Remote Office Pollers.

              Select a Remote Office Poller by the number of elements you need to poll:

              • ROP250 polls up to 250 elements.
              • ROP1000 polls up to 1000 elements.

              Follow the steps for installing and activating Additional Polling Engines to deploy Remote Office Pollers.


              serena & aLTeReGo , Could you kindly help me to understand, ROP please,


              Does ROP works similar to APE ? or else is it an Add-on to APE.


              Our objective is to monitor, 70 network devices from a single DC, We don't want APE with 10k monitors(at huge cost), where in ROP can accommodate 1000 elements