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    IPAM - DHCP & DNS Management - appearing to cause inconsistent database.


      It appears that Solarwinds may be pushing outdated instances to the DHCP database causing inconsistencies, after interacting with the scopes via Solarwinds I am able to see inconsistent scopes via the reconcile scope option.

      Solarwinds seems to be causing these issues for reasons that are not 100% clear to me. let me explain how i seemed to triggered the unwanted effect.


      - go to the DCHP & DNS Management module, select the DHCP tab.

      - expand a server and select a scope.

      - I added an entry for Location* and clicked next through all the scope options and apply, the options are pulled from the DHCP server and matched.


      * as far as i know the location field only lives within the Solarwinds environment and doesn't exist in the DHCP server. the same results can be achieved by not changing anything at all and applying the settings.


      - Several printers had Issue being able to renew their IP address.


      what appears to happen by looking at the windows logs is Solarwinds reapplies all DHCP scope options, whether they were changed or not.

      It also seems to do some something to the database, because immediately after pushing this, I see inconsistent entries in the database.


      After reconciling the scopes, all appears to go back to normal.


      I am able to replicate this on any scope, just wondering if anybody has experienced having this issue.