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    How To Generate Report Based On Node Without CPU Resources monitored using WMI




      Is there is any way to generate report showing nodes that being polled using wmi that does not have cpu & memory resources monitored.



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          Raul Gonzalez



          there are three ways I would do this:


          • Create a report where filter is:
            • polling method = WMI
            • CPUload = -2

          NOTE: solarWinds assigns thev alue of -2 to any device where CPU can't be polled (either permissions issues or CPU not selected on list resources). The problem with this method is that if, by any chance, the device had CPU selected on list resource at some point in the past, the CPU load value will display the last value polled, therefore I would not recommend this method.



          • Create a report using SQL query:
            • select * from nodes where objectsubtype  = 'WMI' and nodeid not in (select nodeid from cpuload)

          Note: This way shows you any device that is monitored using WMI but there are no CPUload metrics, either because CPU is not selected on list resources, or because there are other type of issues not allowing use to get that info (credentials mainly)



          • Create a report ussing SQL query:
            • select * from nodes

                         where objectsubtype = 'WMI'

                         and nodeid not in(select netobjectid from pollers where pollertype like '%cpu%' )


          NOTE: this way we display devices monitored using WMI where CPU has not been selected using list resources.


          My recommendation would be use the second way to get the information, it is not exactly what you asked for, but i think it will give you the information you really need.


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