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    Trouble with pulling serial number information.


      I'll start by saying I'm an extreme novice with Solarwinds.


      I've been asked to pull serial number information for all our devices. I found this report, and was able to run it, however it does not pull the serial number information for our Brocade devices. Hardware Service Tags.OrionReport 


      I used SNMP Walk to find an OID with the serial then I created a custom poller and assigned it to all my Brocade devices. However that leaves me with 3 distinct problems.


      #1 Node sorting is now broken. All the Brocade devices appear as Unknown now instead of Brocade.

      #2 The serial information is not shown when I open the node.

      #3 The report above still does not show the serial numbers for Brocade devices and I don't see a field in Report Writer that would show that information.


      Any suggestions?