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    NPM - monitoring Polling engine down


      I've searched a few threads on this and can't find a simple solution to monitor "Polling engine down" and "last database synce" greater than 5 minutes.  We have had problems with our polling engines showing "Polling engine down."  The alerts <polling engine> - minutes since last keep alive and <polling engine>  "polling engine completion rate" are not capturing the condition.  The alert <polling engine> "last database sync" only allows date values and not minute values. It seems like a simple solution would be to have a column in the database that measures last database sync.  We are looking at collecting the collector.service.log data and looking for this pattern:


      2018-04-30 11:15:55,579 [7] ERROR SolarWinds.Collector.OrionCommon.SWEventLogging - Service was unable to open new database connection when requested.



      We do not have a SAM license.  This seems like a primary component that Solarwinds should be able to monitor.  We do have 2 silos so not sure if we can setup some type of cross polling.  We're trying to avoid having to write a customer management pack with SCOM or powershell code.  If that is the only way, then we'll go that route.


      I've attached a screenshot.


      Thanks in advance.