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    How do I send out an alert when a service goes down - see discussion for details

    martian monster

      I know how to configure an alert on an node and application but what I need to do is have the alert go out when one of the services goes down that I have configured a SAM template for.   This is one of the areas that I get a bit confused in so I will try to lay this out here.


      I have configured a custom SAM template to monitor seven IBM Sterling Integrator services on a server. 


      Here is the trigger condition for the alert

      When the server reboots on Sundays it sends out an alert but it send out a link to click on to get the information - it does not list the service that is down.  Is there some way to have this report that the service is down in the email not a link to click that opens up an Orion window?  And if I am missing something with the different alert types let me know I figured there is something I am missing here.   Thanks -Dave