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    Is there a way to dynamically discover, list, and monitor only ports that are members of port-channels, so down ports are displayed in a dedicated Widget or Resource window?


      I used to manually add switchports to a group I called "Critical Interfaces".  I determined they were "critical" to business operations for any of several reasons:

      1. They were two (or more) ports in a port-channel uplink between access switches and distribution switches
      2. There were ports that were in port-channels between distribution switches and core switches
      3. They were two or more server NIC's participating in LACP (or a port-channel) to network switches


      All of these are resilient links, redundant to each other in a specific environment.  When one port on a two-port port-channel fails, the server or switch that relies on the port-channel is not down.  But it HAS lost half of its throughput and half of its resilience.


      Since migrating out of that environment to something new (ACI), the Critical Interfaces Group, and its alerts, have been deprecated.  But the alerting is still required when a port-channel member goes down.


      I'm facing manually building up all of the port-channel members for 5000 servers, and for a network of 60,000 ports (every switch has two or more ports in a port-channel that uplinks to a distribution or core switch).


      I'd like to think there's a way I can leverage SQL or SWQL to display the problem in a window dedicated only to this, and to alert me only when a port-channel member port goes down.  And I'd also go for letting me know if the entire port-channel is down, too.


      I don't have a custom property built consistently for all these ports.  All I have is knowing whether a port is a member of a port-channel or not.  Well, I also "know" that ports between switches or routers are also going to show a CDP neighbor on the other end, but I'm not sure that's useful for filtering, since there are 3000 AP's showing up on switches as CDP neighbors.  They aren't using port-channels, though.


      What kind of filter can you imagine would work for displaying only active or failed ports in any port-channel, no matter whether it goes to a server with dual NICs running LACP, or it goes to a switch or router?