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    What SQL filter syntax can I use in the Resource called "High Average CPU Load" to show only nodes with CPU >90%?


      I've added the High Average CPU Load resource/widget to a view.  It works perfectly, but in this View I'm not interested in seeing certain devices.  I've tried adding this to the Filter:


      Vendor Like 'Cisco' OR Caption Like '*SWNPM*' OR Caption Like '*UPS*'


      It works, but it shows ALL devices that match the condition of the Vendor and Caption, instead of only those with high CPU load.  I'd like to include a filter showing:


      AND CPULoad > '90'    But that doesn't work.


      Can I filter on CPULoad in this Widget?   If so, can I ALSO include a > criteria?  What syntax should I use to only show nodes whose CPU is greater than 90%?





      Rick Schroeder