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    Monitoring server uptime


      THWACK team, and Forum members,

      I have several severs across a large area. I am using WMI to monitor them and have several things that I track, but the other day I was asked to track uptime on all of the servers so that service owners can be notified at a particular time that their system(s) have reach a threshold for restart (Yellow status light) and if it continues to go past another specified amount of time, it will be determined to be critical (Red status light).  There may be requests down the road to group by service.  I am curious as I have done some research of the Thwack knowledge base and the all-knowing Google in general, but I have not seen an easy way just to add that to a dashboard as a module, or seen a way to create it.


      Just for a bit of background, I currently monitor the 'up/down' status of most of my systems and appliances by location, by program, & by connection.  On my servers I also monitor CPU Load, Memory, Volume Usage, & down nodes. my current system  is running: Orion Platform 2015.1.3 / NPM 11.5.3 / SAM 6.2.3 / NTA 4.0.3 / IPAM 4.1 / UDT 3.0.2 / QoE 2.0 / VNQM 4.1 / IVIM 2.1.1 / DPA 10.0.1.  I have only been doing this for a little over half a year (still a newbie), and would like some help or advice on how I can accomplish either by creating a module, or if it is out there finding one that is already created.


      I appreciate any assistance you all can offer.

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          -- Update --

              I have continued to research and I found "SERVER UPDTIME DASHBORAD" qustion which asked by Praveen V and answerd by Chad.Every back in June 2017 (Server uptime Dashboard ).  While this is not exactly what I was looking for it comes close and has several way to filter in or out.  my current issue is that I am unable to get the custom table to poplulate.

          Current Settings


          using genaric settings to make sure that I am not filtering anyting out to begin with.





          Still I am not getting any nodes to display



          Just curious if anyone has any Ideas on what I may be missing to enable this to track any nodes?  I appreciate any assistance that you can give.

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              The goal for this in the end is to be able to display “last Boot” by Node name (caption)

              • In the end I Changed a few settings to display what was required:
                • Time period:
                  • 30 Days
                • Table Layout
                  • Owner (hidden)
                  • Status (hidden)
                  • Department
                  • Device_Type
                  • Caption
                  • Last Boot
                • Sort Results by:
                  • Department
                  • Then by Last Boot
                • Group By:


              Now the only issue is that I have more nodes in the list than will be displayed and no way to scroll through the nodes.