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    List of process when memory > 90%


      I would like to see the account that's associated to the processes that's running in the email as well, not sure how I can accomplish this.

      Any tips would be appreciated!!





      Currently I have an alert set where it will execute the following command when the memory is > 90%


      APM\SolarWinds.APM.RealTimeProcessPoller.exe -n=${NodeID} -alert=${N=Alerting;M=AlertDefID} -alertId=${N=Alerting;M=AlertID} -sort=PhysicalMemory


      it captures the current top 10 processes running at that time, and sends an email alert with the info:


      The Physical Memory on  ${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption} is currently running at ${PercentMemoryUsed}.


      The top 10 processes running at the time of this poll are listed below: