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    Code behind native widgets




      I wanted to create this morning a specific dashboards for our DBA users, which contains few SQL stuff (like SQL agent Job status for exemple).


      On the AppInsight for SQL, the native dashboard contains a widget nammed "SQL agent Job Status". I wanted to filter this widget to only get the jobs in error, but there is no filter option.

      My idea was the following one : create a custom SQL script to match my needs. The problem is that this work was already done by SolarWinds... I'm wasting time for something that is already existing.


      2 questions :

      - Generic question : Is there any place where we can see what is exactly done by all the default widgets ? Somewhere we can check the code behind and take inspiration ?

      - Specific question : Do you have a best idea for the SQL job status ? Maybe an easier way to reach my goal ?


      Thank you

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          The out of the box resources are almost all just stored as aspx files in inetpub if your web server.  I've known people to crack them open and create new resources, but if you run the config wizard it removes anything custom so you have to set up a work flow to import them back in any time you use the wizard.